CAP - Prescribed Burning Plan (112)
Group CriteriaCriteria
CAP Prescribed Burning Plan (112) Option 1- State CertificationPrescribed Burning Experience: Indicate proficiency in the planning, installation and certification of prescribed burns as shown by the submission of at least three (3) prescribed burn plans and certification of completion showing actual environmental conditions and results. These prescribed burn plans must meet the CAP 112 –Prescribed Burn Plan Development Criteria as posted in Section III of the eField Office Technical Guide and the standards and specifications for the prescribed burning practice (CP338) for the State in which they were developed.
Prescribed Burning References: Provide two locations or customer references where technical service has been provided that can verify your experience and proficiency planning, designing, installation/layout, and checkout of Prescribed Burning practices.
Prescribed Burning State Certification: Certification in prescribed burn planning if required by State law.
Prescribed Burning Training: Successfully complete 16 hours of NRCS approved basic fire behavior/prescribed burning training which can include completion of “Basic Prescribed Fire Training” available through the Oklahoma eXtension on-line campus at: Complete additional training if required by state law. Any combination of classroom, field or online training received may be applied to the minimum requirement for 16 hours of training.